Where Was I?

After a two-and-a-half month hiatus from blog writing, I’m ready to come back after forcing myself to write about the Canadian Grand Prix. It felt like such a long time not writing race reviews for five exciting F1 races but I finally just decided to give it a go and get the ball rolling again after a rather uneventful but still slightly interesting race at Montreal. Certainly, it wasn’t as dramatic as the two previous races in Spain and Monaco.

Writing here was dropped from my priorities after a hectic final month in school and when all of my requirements had been passed, I just suffered from a common case of writer’s block and a little bit of laziness, I must admit. I’ve watched the past five races but I just couldn’t get myself to write about them, perhaps because my mind has been cluttered for a while now, as I transition from being a college student to a company worker, although I am still currently in the job hunting phase. My graduation ceremony will be in two weeks and I am still unemployed and half-looking for a job, half-resting.

So during my two-and-a-half-month blog hiatus, I’ve been doing schoolwork, watching F1 and other motor racing series such as GP2, GP3, Blancpain GT, Super GT, and European Le Mans Series, as well as watching Korean TV series, reading novels, practicing swimming, sending out job applications, and doing anything to put off writing.

Right now, I’ll try easing back to writing on my blog consistently and I hope to write race reviews for each race until the end of the season. That’s fourteen more races to write about as F1 continues its longest ever season of 21 races. My review of the Canadian Grand Prix will be posted right after this random babble that I don’t expect anyone to really read. I’m just doing this post to exercise my writing.

That last snippet reminds me of the character Nao from Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being which I recently finished reading. The teenage character Nao attempted to write a blog named The Future is Nao! after she struggles to adjust to life in Tokyo moving with her family from Sunnyvale, California. Like me with this blog, she barely gets any hits and tells the reader, “There’s nothing sadder than cyberspace when you’re floating around out there, all alone, talking to yourself.”

Just like Nao, I am floating around in cyberspace, all alone, and talking to myself like this post. But I don’t feel sad about it; in fact, I find the quote humorous and my situation amusing. I never expected anyone to show interest in my writing but I definitely appreciate every visitor and reader on my blog. If you’re reading this, thank you very much! I hope to continue writing for writing’s sake.


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